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10 Agustus 2013 15:32
INDOSIAR TV Coverage on the Indonesia Broadcast safety and rescue METHOD for those who live in the house or other buildings that are prone to fire hazards. The coverage was aired on Patroli program on Sunday (30 June 2013) at 11:30 am.

The recent event of a fire in Jakarta that killed four people took place Wednesday morning, hit a plastic shop in Teluk Gong, West Jakarta. Fire allegedly originated from electric short circuit at the shop. Can not escape when the fire broke out, which consists of four victims mother, children, and grandchildren who were aged 2 years, as well as a maid, was found charred in the bathroom.

The media also reported that there were several incidents of fire deaths occur in ruko because there were no alternative means of escape. Most if not all of the ruko (shop house for residential) are designed and built with one access / egress routes. How do you escape if the only route to safety is not accessible?

Because of the above incidents, INDOSIAR Patroli want to find out how occupants can evacuate immediately when a fire hazard occur in the standard of a building (whether it be a house, factory, office). And how the community can make a modest anticipation of tackling a fire hazard.

In addition they look to provide information to the wider community, how to act when a fire at his home, or at work:
1. How the building should be planned so as to secure from theft, but also not stopping for a fire evacuation
2. What security standards applied at home, at work?
3. From experience, what constraints do not apply a standard work place safety?
4. What should be done by staff in the event of a fire shelter, or in the workplace? What priorities?

Evacuation product was featured in this programme, endorsed by Jakarta Fire Chief as a means of alternative escape, however, as at this moment it is not a mandatory requirement in Indonesia.

Currently there are no legal requirements for employers and organisations in this region to provide evacuation equipment in the event of a fire. Evacuation equipment were purchased on a voluntarily basis by home/building owners, employers and organisations.

Please log in the following link in youtube:


to see the complete TV coverage
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